The History of Astrology


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A must-have for any serious student of astrology. This day-long seminar was originally presented at the Melbourne Astrology Conference. Demetra presents a sweeping saga of the development of astrology from its origins in Babylonia, its consolidation in Egypt, the diffusion of astrology through the Roman Empire and sojourn into the Persian and Islamic Republics, to its 12th Century reintroduction into Medieval Europe.

In this engaging and enlightening seminar the interface between astrology and ancient philosophy, religion, myth, and politics is deeply explored. How the Gnostic, Hermetic, Neoplatonic, Christian, and Jewish traditions regarded one’s life through the replection of the stars and the concept of fate and free will is brilliantly articulated.

This series will leave you in awe with a rich context for astrology’s place in our history, and a new awareness of the profundity of the astrological tradition and its legacy to the human imagination. Highly recommded.

4 hours 36 min. mp3 Format.

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