Unknown Birth Times – What CAN Be Said With Confidence?


Live webinar with Demetra George

There are times when astrologers are asked to look at a chart that does not have a time of birth. Setting aside rectification and deduction of the Ascendant based upon physical appearance, Demetra will outline which techniques can and cannot be used, and what can and cannot be said about such charts.

Elizabeth Warren is on the rise as a serious contender for the Democratic presidential nominee. The absence of a birth time is an increasing frustration for astrologers seeking insight into her personality and prospects. Using approaches from both ancient and modern astrology and indications of the forthcoming historic Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, Demetra will assemble the various pieces of her chart that can be known to portray an impressionistic sketch of a woman who is riding upon the crest of the future.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 37 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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