The Seventh House Webinar


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“Constancy of the heart” and marriage were emphasized throughout the
astrological tradition as the primary meaning of the Seventh House. But
somewhere along the way opponents and open enemies, and then even the
shadow and projection were added, resulting in the complex web of
interaction with both the inner and outer ‘Other’ in our lives.

In this webinar we explore answers to these common 7th house questions:

  • How does the house of marriage turn into that of open enemies?
  • What does projection and the shadow have to do with ‘constancy of the heart’?
  • What does the rising sign tell us about 7th house matters?

The supplementary topic looks at how the each rising sign forms a
template for what other house topic, for better or worse, always
becomes activated in each person’s relationships; what the ideal mate
looks like; whether one attracts Beauty or the Beast, and what one can
do about it.

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