Fine-tuning the Birth Time


with Frank Clifford

Often we’re given a birth time that is estimated (‘lunchtime’) or rounded up to the hour. Some of us are lucky to have a birth record that gives a birth time to the minute. But even then, birth records can be in error or originate from a guesstimate after the birth has taken place. In this new talk, Frank will look at how to use Solar Arc directions and other methods to fine-tune a known birth time. Included in the session will be some guidance on how to rectify the horoscope if the time of birth is unknown or estimated. If you want to test your birth time or work with a chart that reacts better to forecasting methods, come along and learn ways to explore this fascinating area.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

1 hr. 58 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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Marni S.
Very informative and useful

This class has a lot of useful information and includes a case study, so you get to see an interview. Lots of actionable information, I am glad I took this class.

Jennifer S.
Newb review: Helpful information

I am newer than new so I wanted to preface the review with the note of "newbie here". I took the course because I thought it mean I would do something with my own chart (where I have no birth time issue). What I learned was people don't always have this information or its wrong? Gasp! What?! Frank did a great job walking through the examples, how to think about birth time (assumptions), how data can be completely false for various reasons etc. His forensics ideas on how to slueth out bad or missing data to have a more accurate chart made sense even to me (a novice with no background) so that to makes for a useful training. I also think its one to watch over the history the learning as context will apply at various stages of ones learning.

ann c.
Highly recommend

Frank presents a some simple practical suggestions for fine-tuning the birth time. I applied some of his techniques to my own chart (and range of birth times) and was happy to engage in self-reflection and to see one clear time emerge as the most likely time. Also, good overall discussion of problems that arise when timing any event.

Dallas P.
Fine tuning the birthchart

Frank has really given me encouragment to do more now with testing birthtimes , infact have been working on this constantly since hearing his ideas with Solar Arcs.


Great seminar. Frank does a great job of explaining this topic.

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