The Inner Planets Course



The Inner Planets Course is course three in year one of our new four-year training program. Open to the general public (you don’t need to be enrolled in the full program to attend.)

In this course, Frank Clifford will look at the many facets of the personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars. He’ll speak of their unique essences, what they symbolise in and around you, and show you how to start interpreting them in your own horoscope. Tony concludes the course in the final session where we will explore these inner planets in action using a range of chart examples.

  • Week 1: Mercury
  • Week 2: Venus
  • Week 3: Mars
  • Week 4: The Inner Planets in Action

Join us in this introductory course to learn why astrologers also call the inner planets the personal planets.  We will get you started with what their core meanings are all about and guide you with some first steps you can take to understand them in the context of the natal chart.  As an added bonus, we also include supplemental reading and regular Q&A sessions to help you integrate this material and begin seeing the world through a new lens!

Required text: The Inner Planets by Liz Greene

Dates: October 16 to November 10, 2019
Class times: Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Class length: 90-min. to 2 hours
Q&A Sessions: Sundays at 9am or 4pm pacific time; 60 to 90 min.
$295 (non-certification); $350 (certification*)
*Certification track includes required homework assignment with testing.

Instructors: Frank Clifford and Tony Howard

The Inner Planets Course includes: four video classes, four Q&A sessions, weekly reading assignments and homework. Video, audio and handouts are available to view and/or download. Certification students will have graded homework assignments and an exam.

Perfect for beginners and those looking to review the basics, as well as students pursuing our four-year program diploma. 

Registration Option

certification, non-certification

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Loved the Link to Mythology

This class taught me so much about the meaning of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, as well as the Greek Mythology linked to each of the planets. I loved the lectures and the readings!!

Suzanne A.
The Inner Planets Course-non certification

HI Tony….guess you did not get my email on my comments of this course a few days ago. The class was absolutely fabulous. I have been studying astrology for 34 years with some of the best, including completing the certificate program 20 years ago with Glen Perry’s “Psychological Astrology,” I also studied for a year and a half with RicK Tarnas and I even wrote and astrology book that I self published in 2016, “Planet Neptune and the Modern Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama.” You know one can hear something over and over again and then a great teacher comes along and says it in a different way….and there is your aha moment. Anyway I had a lot of aha moments with you and Clifford. Thanks again.

A Astrology University Customer
susan t.
Inner Planets

another home run class!

Astrology University

Thanks Susan!

Julie t.
Inner Planets Course

Fantastic course, designed so you can go at your own pace. Very enjoyable aswell as gaining greater knowledge. Looking forward to the next one ! xx

A perfect way to learn the depths and breath of astrology.

My previous use of astrology involved doing readings in a “cookbook” or “alphabet” way. I signed up for this class because I wanted to understand on a deeper level the elements in a horoscope. I am a collaborative learner, so the Zoom platform fits my need to learn from other points of view. Frank and Tony present their teachings in an easy to understand manner and make asking questions comfortable. I will be continuing on with these courses indefinitely.

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