Making the Most of Solar Returns


with Frank Clifford

Solar Returns are back and making a revival! Which Returns are the most important? How do they show the bigger pattern of your life? When do they actually begin? How can you link events today to past Returns?
In this webinar, join Frank to discover how best to read these ‘year ahead’ charts. He will share some tips for getting the most reliable information from this ancient technique.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 44 min. | includes video and audio (slides included in video but not as separate pdf)

About Frank

Frank has built an eclectic career as the writer of a dozen books (including Getting to the Heart of Your Chart and Palmistry 4 Today), a consultant astrologer and palmist, a researcher of birth data, and the Principal of the London School of Astrology. In 2012, Frank was the youngest recipient of a lifetime award from the Astrological Association, and a writing honour from ISAR and a Regulus Award nomination have since followed. Frank has written for The Mountain Astrologer since 2008 and guest edited the magazine a number of times. His latest books are The Solar Arc Handbook and The Book of Music Horoscopes.


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Frank continues to amaze me..

I take a lot of classes from lots of different teachers and I find I retain the most from Franks courses. He's so clear, concise and practical without losing any depth of meaning. Really enjoyed this course and am feeling confident about doing Solar Return readings now. Highly recommend. Thanks, Frank! - JD

Excellent course

A very clear, step by step course that helped me understanding a lot more Solar Return. Hope to have a longer time and share some more examples,

Miriam L.
Makig the most of solar returns

Always enjoy anything of Frank's. Always something new to learn.

Tineke B.
Solar Return

Clear explanation. I loved the item of the MC in combination with the elements. That was new to me.

United States
Making the most of Solar Returns

Wow.....what a powerfully, informative seminar!! Frank Clifford hit it out of the park in educating me not only about the importance of Solar Returns, but how to study and use them in mapping out the important timelines for the rest of my life. All students would benefit from the info highlighted in this all enlightening webinar!

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