Aquarius and Leo – The Journey from Fragmentation to Wholeness


Myths of Uranus and Aquarius share themes of reluctance to let ideal forms be subjected to the mundane world. Astrologically these archetypes can illuminate how individuals split off aspects of self when the world appears unsafe or unreceptive, a soul-saving effort to protect innocence and beauty through a kind of refusal to incarnate. The result is psychic fragmentation and a reluctance to allow vital aspects of the self to participate in the world. These split-off parts often develop in curious, ingenious, and dangerous ways.

Yet most people will eventually feel the Solar impulse to be known and seen in their lives. We will explore the life stories of early childhood trauma survivors, whose charts reveal in stark relief the archetypal dynamics of splitting, and the ambivalence that always attends the courageous choice to participate in the world once more.

Audio download | 1 hr. 19 min. | Includes pdf slideshow

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