Psychologizing Sect – Houses


Houses: The 12 Places along the Day Journey and Night Journey of Planets 

In this 3-part webinar series, we will explore the ancient astrological concept of sect, the idea that certain planets, signs, houses, and even aspects are adherents or followers of either Night or Day.

In this webinar (the final webinar in the series), we will briefly explore hemispheric concepts of the Day and Night sectors of the chart.  But we will primarily focus on two journeys through the houses based on the originating logic of the meanings of the twelve places: the diurnal motion of the Sun through the sky, clockwise through the chart.  Adding a psychological and mythopoetic imagination to this leads us to see an underlying coherence in the structure of the houses that traces an underworld journey of Night (from Houses 8-3) and an upperworld journey of Day (from Houses 2-9).   We will amplify these journeys through ancient mythology, and then consider how to apply this material to modern lives through delineating the meanings of planets in houses through case study.

Pre-recorded for instant download.

2 hrs. | includes video, audio, and slides

Level: Intermediate

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An interesting new way of looking at the houses

I love that this course teaches us about being OK to look at astrology, especially the houses, in a new light. There were many times I remembered myths and legends and tied them to the understanding in this course

A Astrology University Customer
franklin l.
Sects, Sects, Sects, that's all he talks about; and it's fabulous.

The concepts of Day, Night, and Twilight influences on a chart was entirely new, and fascinating. Jason's approach includes myth analysis as a psychological mirror to illuminate our human condition. Jason extrapolates these ancient ideas for the modern astrology student wonderfully.

Ann D.
Absolutely phenomenal

I hadn't purchased the previous two webinars in this series due to financial constraints, but could not resist this one. It was so ridiculously good. I can't remember the last time I learned so much in two hours. It's highly thought-provoking original content, presented in an engaging and compelling manner. I'm now budgeting to be able to purchase the previous two classes in the series over the coming months. Totally worth it.

Beautiful, unique

Very unusual , deep look into the houses!

Fantastic Class!

I have truly enjoyed this whole series! I appreciate Jason's blend of mythology, psychology, and his innovative approach to traditional concepts. The class is thought provoking, enjoyable, and affirming for those of us who spend time dwelling in "night consciousness."

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