Evolving Archetypes


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In this lecture, the late Jeff Jawer challenges us to re-evaluate our relationship with the astrological archetypes, and to use them as living concepts.

Whether archetypes are eternal or not, our relationship with them changes over time. Discoveries of new planets, changing rulerships and new techniques have shifted the ways in which we understand astrological archetypes and apply them in our practices and in our lives. For example, the discoveries of Neptune and Pluto have altered our relationships with Jupiter and Mars as they are no longer the singular rulers of Pisces and Scorpio.

Jeff looks at these changing archetypes with guidance to encourage us to practice with more authenticity and conscious engagement without parroting what we’ve learned.

Join Jeff for one of his classic empassioned directives aimed at prodding us to improve our craft.

1 hr. 11 min. | audio file

*Proceeds from the sale of this talk benefit Jeff Jawer’s family.

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