The Outer Planets Course – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto



This is course six in year one of our four-year training program. Also open to the general public (you don’t need to be enrolled in the full program to attend.)

In this course we will explore the meaning of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We’ll explore the core themes and archetypal dynamics related to these powerful planets that Howard Sasportas calls the “gods of change.” We’ll apply what we learn to a core group of charts and through homework exercises begin to speak the language of the outer planets.

  • Week 1: Uranus – Jessica Murray
  • Week 2: Neptune – Jessica Murray
  • Week 3: Pluto – Jessica Murray
  • Week 4: Generational Signatures with Tony Howard

Required texts: The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas; Prometheus the Awakener by Richard Tarnas
Recommended text: Making the Gods Work for You by Caroline Casey

Pre-recorded for Instant Access*
Dates (for next live cohort): February 17, 2021 to March 14, 2021
Pre-recorded lessons plus live Q&A sessions on Sundays
$295 (non-certification) / $350 (certification-track**)

*You may register and start this course and get started today or wait for the next live cohort and take the course at the same time as a group of students and participate in the live question and answer sessions.
**Certification-track students will receive feedback on homework and an exam review. Non-certification students receive the same study materials and videos but do not receive personal feedback on their work.

Instructors: Jessica Murray and Tony Howard

Course includes: four video classes, four live Q&A sessions, weekly reading assignments and homework. Video, audio and handouts are available to view and/or download. Certification students will have graded homework assignments and an exam.

Perfect for beginners and those looking to review the basics, as well as those pursuing our four-year program diploma. 


Registration Option

certification, non-certification

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Frances L.
Very Interesting!

Interesting and well organized. Worthwhile

A Astrology University Customer
Marvina H.
Loving this Class

The outer planets tells us not only about ourselves, but about generations and the collective as a whole. Sometimes I think it's not so much that I'm learning, but that I'm remembering; it seems to me that whether we know it or not, when one of us knows something, we call know it! To me, that's the realm of Uranus, Neptune and to some degree, Pluto.

Lisa D.
Excellent Instructors

Tony is a fantastic instructor and Jessica Murray is a pleasure to learn from. One of the required books for the course, "The Gods of Change" by Howard Sasportas, is full of rich insight - a book that I will come back to reference often.

The Outer Planets Course-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

This class offers the opportunity to understand how the archetypes of the planets affects our human psyche. The classes are informative, the students are supportive and we learn a lot from each other. Tony is an amazing teacher, he takes the time to talk and support each of his students' questions. Tony's support of his students is amazing. The classes are never rushed but supports the students' pace. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in learning about astrology to take this course and any courses being offered by Astrology University. Tony and his teachers are well versed, and of high caliber.

Julia R.
Outer Planets Course

Great class Jessica’s presentations were outstanding. You will learn a lot.

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