The Saturn-Neptune Square (Audio Lecture)


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In this audio recording from a pre-recorded webinar, Jessica discusses the significant transits upon the world right now, and how they fit into long-term cycles. The most intense of these, the square between Saturn (reality) and Neptune (unreality), indicates a period of solidity melting into fluidity. This webinar was presented November 14, the day after a series of tragic Paris bombings. Jessica begins the webinar by putting this event into the context of the current world transits.

Jessica illuminates the meaning of the Saturn-Neptune square as well as other current transits’ psychological and spiritual meanings, which often manifest as the kind of private, personal questions that an earlier age would have called a “crisis of faith.” Importantly, she explains how one transit cannot by analyzed out of the context it emerges from, and traces the thread of its connections with previous outer planet cycles like the Uranus-Pluto cycle.

You’ll hear descriptions of how these energies show up in geopolitical and cultural trends, against the backdrop of the waning Saturn-Pluto cycle.

1 hr. 37 min. | mp3 audio format


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