What Do You Really Want with Your 8th House and Pluto


The 8th house contains two polarities: our life force versus death-drive and our fear of life and fear of death. These polarities influence all 8th house planets, which can act as powerful instruments to discover both our most difficult shadows and our biggest hidden talents. They evoke anxiety and fascination at the very same time. You will not only discover your deepest power, but also a great capacity to be open and happy.

with Karen Hamaker-Zondag

audio workshop for instant download

3 hrs. 57 min. | includes audio and slides

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Tanya L.
This was exactly what I was looking for!

I was captivated throughout the entire lecture. My natal chart presents a stellium in the 8th house and have struggled for many years trying to grasp it's deeper meanings. Thank you so much Karen. Your perspective and delivery makes so much sense to me (I appreciate clear logic). I have written multiple pages of notes to revisit. Currently there are 6 planets transiting my 8th house and the information you have delivered here couldn't have come at a better time. Many thanks! Tanya

Brandi B.
Deep Dark and Detailed, how I like it!

I’m always wanting more information on the 8th house. this was an in-depth look at the darker, yet honest characteristics that I can now attribute myself to. Very exciting to say the least!

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