12th House Planets


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With Kelly Surtees

Planets in the 12th house can help you or they can describe a difficulty that might require your energy and attention: sometimes your 12th house planets do both, but at different ages. Some 12th house planets provide specific help around a few areas of life, and in other instances a 12th house planet can indicate a challenge to navigate.

By getting to know more about each planet in the 12th house, you’ll come to appreciate what it has to offer, and how to manage any difficulties it might indicate. This will help you interpret a planet in the 12th house for yourself, a friend or for a client.

You’ll learn about each of the 10 planets in the 12th house and see examples of how a planet in the 12th house might manifest. You will also discover how a planet in the 12th house will influence the experience of the topics of any house it rules elsewhere in your chart.

Real life and well known charts will be used to demonstrate the true meaning of a planet in the 12th house.

This webinar will build on themes previously presented in ‘Diving into the Darkness’ and it’s recommended students take that webinar before this one.

Pre-recorded and available for instant access. 

1 hr. 50 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

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12th House Planets

Kelly mentioned she had done a class on the 8th and 12th Houses and this was the follow up. Is this other class available for purchase?

theresa T.
12th house planets

anything and everything i wanted/need to know about this house BECAUSE, i have a stelium, AC. venus, sun, mars, vesta, pluto in virgo ,all in the 12 house and part of a VOD. i have been studying this for awhile, trying to understand and make sense of this in my natal chart. Kelly ALWAYS is clear and opens doors of knowledge. she is amazing . i recommend her classes:)

Patricia L.
12th House Planets

Very interesting takes on a "hidden" subject. Good analysis as to how many people have used these placements to advantage. Not such a scary house after all.

Karen L.
12th House Insight

This is a great lecture. I learned new things about the 12th house that helps my in my life and practice.

A Astrology University Customer
Colleayn K.
Wonderful Class

Kelly is a great instructor and astrologer. I learned so much from this class.

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