2022 Year Ahead Forecast (Transcript)


with Kelly Surtees

Join Kelly for a webinar exploring the astrology of 2022. Discover the main astrological cycles and trends for the year ahead. Learn the planetary bright spots and discover any possibly challenging periods for the next 12 months. Learn the hotspot degrees in the Zodiac for 2022.

Find out how Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries can provide pointers to help you create a purposeful life. Explore how the Nodes of the Moon churning and swirling through the signs of Taurus and Scorpio might impact events and experiences.

You’ll also go deeper into understanding the long running square between Saturn and Uranus, which will continue to support a major overhaul in our charts and lives in the year ahead.

Gain new insight about what Mars retrograde in Gemini might highlight and discover the links from Mars retrograde to the South Node in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aries.

See how Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces will stir your soul and call you back to your heart as we explore what this aspect means for the first part of the year, and in your personal chart.

Slides include important dates, degrees and details to ensure you have all the info and insight you need to successfully navigate life in 2022.

You’ll hear about:

  • The importance of healing and feeling with Jupiter in Pisces
  • How the North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio and the eclipses will shift our relationship to material goods, money and the environment
  • The power of imagination with Jupiter conjunct Neptune
  • The importance of consciously choosing your mission with Jupiter in Aries
  • How to continue with a major life restructure thanks to Saturn square Uranus
  • The importance of mental health care and connection with Mars retrograde in Gemini

Kelly will be your guide through the skies, helping you connect with the energetic trends for the year ahead. Discover what will be possible – and learn any pitfalls to avoid.

This special webinar will help deepen your understanding of what to expect in 2022. You’ll gain insight and information to help you share the astrology of 2022 with your friends, family and clients.

Level: Intermediate

PDF | 22 pages

Get the webinar version here

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