Aspects of Fortune and Favour with Venus and Jupiter – Transcript


There are special types of aspects, involving Venus and Jupiter, that offer blessings, support, luck and talent.

Learn the most fortunate aspects involving Venus and Jupiter, and discover specific ways to define these favourable aspects in your chart.

You’ll also hear brief insights about two ancient astrology conditions of bonification: adherence and connection or engagement. In addition, we’ll look at the difference between what the texts say, and what seems influential in real life.

Discover new ways to talk about the good stuff in your birth chart, and learn important shortcuts to help you identify talent, potential and areas of opportunity in your life.

You’ll see chart examples of these helpful aspects in action, to help you fully appreciate how positive and life enriching they can be.

If you’ve ever been stuck trying to find a positive aspect or uplifting topic to discuss in a chart consult, this webinar will provide you with the tools and tips you need.

This intermediate level webinar will help improve your aspect and chart interpretation skills. It is assumed students have already learned and are working with aspects, and want to add to their existing knowledge on aspects.

32 pages | written PDF transcript

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