Benefits and Blessings- Find Hope, Happiness and Fulfillment with the Planets


One helpful, but often overlooked secret super power of astrology is that it can highlight areas of goodness and growth in your life.

In this special three part training you’ll learn to identify the parts of your chart that point towards happiness and fulfillment.

While your birth chart is an excellent tool for highlighting where challenges might arise, it also holds clues as to what topics and areas of life might lead to contentment and satisfaction.

From looking at what nourishment the benefic planets might have to offer, to exploring the terms of the planets and the aspects of the Moon, you’ll discover different topics and areas to explore so that you can add purpose and positivity to your life.

You’ll learn how to spot the sources of joy in your chart and explore simple strategies to maximize that potential. You’ll discover three simple ways to add meaning and pleasure to your life.

You’ll explore:

  • the gifts of Venus and Jupiter
  • any hidden talent you might have
  • a priority topic that‘s unique to your chart

We’ll resurrect some older ideas about the planets and your birth chart, to help uncover some of your potential sources of joy.

This three-part course includes videos, reading material and homework exercises, as well as an online class discussion forum for ongoing conversations and Q+A.

$147 (through November 9; $170 thereafter)
 November 11, 18, 25 (Mondays)
Times: 7.30pm Brussels time (convert to your time zone)
Weekly live video Classes are approximately 90 min. each.

Course level: intermediate. It’s assumed that students are already familiar with aspects and concepts like planetary strength, as well as the basics of traditional astrology, like sect.

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