Counseling Tools for Challenging Aspects


Dealing with difficult planets, aspects and chart placements is a large part of the work of an astrologer.

You’ll learn how to identify and describe any potential difficulties in the chart, and you’ll discover the best ways to manage any problem planets and placements.

From identifying a difficult chart combination, to discussing it with your client and finally identifying strategies to work with problematic placements, there is so much you can do with something difficult in astrology.

This four-part training will teach you techniques and strategies to help you navigate sensitive and challenging chart patterns.

You’ll learn how to talk about a hard aspect or placement with a client and how to identify and share solutions that can help your client work with the more frustrating parts of their chart.

You’ll discover:

  • What a difficult placement or aspect looks like
  • How to highlight topics and areas of life that require extra support
  • The ways in which fate and free will nudge you towards or away from certain topics

By drawing on traditional astrology ideas, you’ll add depth and richness to your chart interpretation work. The better you understand how difficult chart combinations work, the easier it will be to find a way through a chart challenge, for yourself and your clients.

This four-part training includes videos, reading material and homework exercises, as well as an online class discussion forum for ongoing conversations and Q+A.

Course level: intermediate. It’s assumed that students are already familiar with aspects and concepts like planetary strength.


Pre-recorded and available for instant viewing

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Laura M.
Fabulous Class

Great class. Loved the teaching, room for questions, and the hand outs/homework. I personally couldn't keep up, but that was due to my schedule - not to anything about Kelly or the class format. Such an outstanding teacher (I would love to look at Kelly's chart to see where all her intelligence, articulation, and energy come from), and it was eye opening to explore traditional astrological concepts vs the modern that I am more familiar with. Thanks again Astrology U. Keep 'em coming!

Jane W.
Kelly Surtees Counselling Tools

Kelly’s way of teaching is brilliant, clear, with lots of useful innovative information. Thank you.

Iona M.
Exceeds Expectations

This course delivers concrete ways to identify difficult chart placements and communicate those challenges with clients using sensitive yet descriptive language. Highly recommended!

Kelly is an excellent teacher full of insights and easy explanations

Kelly is an excellent teacher full of insights and easy explanations

I Learned So Much

I learned so much from this course. Kelly presented the information in a very clear and compassionate way.

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