Guiding Lights – Your Ascendant Ruler and Sect Light


with Kelly Surtees

Discover two of the most important planets in your chart. Learn which planets have the most to say about your personality, passions and potential. As you focus on the ascendant ruler and your sect light, you’ll explore and come to understand some of the most influential themes in your birth chart and life.

You’ll learn simple ways to begin interpreting a birth chart. Discover how the concepts of the ascendant ruler – your personal guiding light – and the sect light can help you quickly identify some of your core cravings, motivations and driving forces.

This course will help you better understand yourself through astrology, and will provide a fresh perspective on how to find and work with some of the main themes in a birth chart. You can use these techniques to better understand what’s really important for you, and for your clients, friends and family.

Here’s a brief overview of the topics for each class in this training:

Class 1 – The concept of your guiding light or helmsman planet. What is the ascendant ruling planet and why is it important? How does the ascendant ruling planet, especially by sign and house, shape and influence you?

Class 2 – Interpreting and exploring your guiding light planet aka your ascendant ruler. What aspects is your ascendant ruling planet involved in? How do these aspects shape and influence your personality and priorities, as well as your progress and path through life?

Class 3 – An introduction to sect and the sect light. Identifying and exploring your sect light. Interpreting the sect light via sign and house factors. What kind of light guides your soul?

Class 4 – Your sect light and aspects. What planets influence and aspect your sect light? How do they add colour and spice to your personality and path through life? Plus, summary and review of your guiding lights.

In this training, you’ll learn about the guiding lights in your chart, through ancient astrology concepts of the helmsman/ ascendant ruler and the sect light. You’ll improve your chart interpretation skills and find new ways to connect with, explore and interpret a birth chart.

This course includes 4 live classes and 2 live Q+As, access to the student discussion forum and supplementary reading suggestions, as well as brief homework exercises for each class.

This course will help you develop and practice your chart interpretation skills.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

You’ll get: all four classes PLUS two Q&A recordings.

Level: Intermediate This course is intermediate level, and assumes students are already familiar with chart interpretation techniques like aspects and planetary condition or strength/weakness. It’s ideal for intermediate and senior students of astrology who want to explore and improve chart interpretation techniques, through the lens of ancient astrology, for themselves and for their clients. This is not a suitable course for beginner students.


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Guiding light

Kelly is excellent!

Teresa S.
Worth every penny!

Kelly delves deep into this subject with a multi-pronged approach. She has a magical way of describing things that really flesh out the concepts in open-minded ways. She recognizes and applauds students' comments, and her assistant Larry is fabulous as well. Sign up right now!

A Astrology University Customer
Kait L.
Great info and fun time!

I learned so much! I always do with Kelly!



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