Intro to Traditional Astrology Course


Discover a new way to work with your astrology chart as you learn about traditional and Hellenistic astrology concepts like sect, house rulerships, planetary condition and whole sign houses.

This three-part training is designed to introduce you to a variety of traditional astrology tools and give you the space to reframe birth chart interpretation through the lens of traditional astrology.

You’ll learn core concepts from Hellenistic and traditional astrology, including:

  • The philosophy of Whole Sign Houses
  • The doctrine of Sect (including which planet is your BFF and which is most annoying)
  • The power of house rulerships, ie which planet determines career, love, money
  • Why outer planets don’t rule signs (and what to do with them)
  • How to figure out planetary condition

If you’re confused by whole sign houses, you’ll gain clarity about how this house system works and what to do with it.

You’ll learn simple and accessible tools to transform your skills with birth chart interpretation. Your understanding of the chart, and how the planets in it function, will deepen.

This three-part training includes videos, reading material and homework exercises, as well as an online class discussion forum to stay connected during the week between classes.

Price: $147 (if registered by June 5; $170 thereafter)
Dates: June 10, 17 and 24
Time: 7.00pm eastern
Classes are approximately 90 min. each

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Dawn M.
Wonderful Course from a Wonderful Teacher

This was my first course with Kelly Surtees. I signed up for it "accidentally" instead of starting with the "Practical Astrology for Beginners" course. (Which, by the way, I am currently taking, enjoying and LOVING.). I was so excited to take this course I hadn't realized it was for Intermediate studies/students. None-the-less, I decided to sit back and listen to what was being presented and I learned so much. Kelly is such an AMAZING TEACHER. She presents the subject in such a way that this "newbie" was able to understand it. I was so thrilled with her teaching style that I decided to take her actual beginners course. I'm all the better for it. I'm not sure where my studies will take me but I'm hoping Kelly will continue to teach courses for a long time coming because I plan on signing up when I can. Just an amazing teacher. Thank you, Kelly, and thank you, Tony Howard too, for having Astrology University. Grateful!!!

Intro to Traditional Astrology Course

Love, LOVE, LOVED IT!!! Kelly provides a wonderful course outline and has an exceptional delivery!!

Galina K.

I work with whole house system and this course was just what I needed. Kelly is an wonderful teacher, she is able to explain everything in understandable way and right to the point, with lots of real chart examples and very well explained. Well set up homework and great help to the students. Astrologer with a gift to teach! Thank you Kelly I am so impressed so already subscribed for her next toe webinars.

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