Jupiter in Pisces – Dreaming Your Future – Transcript


with Kelly Surtees

Jupiter softens, expands and wants to explore connection as it dives into Pisces. Join Kelly Surtees for a discussion around the meaning and magic of Jupiter in Pisces.

Discover the themes and major topics of this special – yet unusually short – transit of Jupiter through Pisces. In Pisces emotions, intuition and insight are on offer. As Jupiter expands and enhances through the lens of the two fishes, you’ll be called to add magic, art and soulfulness to your life. We’ll explore some of the possibilities – as well as some of the pitfalls – of the transit of Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter gains dignity in Pisces, which provides necessary contrast to the strong Saturn themes that have dominated life for the past few years.

Learn how Jupiter in Pisces might make you feel and how it can inspire you to dream up a new future for yourself. Jupiter’s longer cycle in relation to Saturn shows that as Jupiter steps forward into Pisces, it’ll be important to saturate your soul with nourishment to fortify and inspire you for the next 18 – 19 years. This will help prepare you for the meaningful adventures and opportunities that lie ahead, like watering the ground before planting.

We’ll also briefly explore Jupiter’s interactions with Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn in 2022. Jupiter in Pisces will help reshape the astrological landscape in 2021 and 2022. This webinar will help inspire and encourage you to work with this special cycle in the months ahead.

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