Saturn and Jupiter – Collective Shift from Earth to Air


Saturn and Jupiter: Collective Shift from Earth to Air

with Kelly Surtees

We’ll take a deep dive into the qualities of the air element, exploring its special features. Learn what we’re collectively moving away from, and what we’re ready to move towards. We’ll discuss how life and society are ready to transform to make way for the hot and wet qualities of air. Understanding the Jupiter conjunct Saturn aspect will help place the Saturn/Pluto pattern into a larger context, and you’ll see how that aspect is part of the preparation for the new air era.

To better understand what lies ahead, we’ll take a brief look at past air eras to discover what industries and topics will be highlighted. In addition, you’ll discover the special ways in which your life may change in the years to come, via the houses.

Pre-recorded for instant download.

60 min. | includes video, audio and slides


Originally included in the 2020 Epic Cycles Summit package.

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