Develop Clarity and Strength with Saturn Transits Through the 12 Houses


with Kelly Surtees

In this practical webinar you’ll learn how to work with Saturn transits through your houses to gain clarity, build different types of security, and to help you prioritize. I’ll guide you through the topics and likely expressions of Saturn by transit through each of the 12 houses.

You’ll discover deeper layers to your chart and form a new appreciation for the cyclical process of Saturn’s 30-year cycle through the Zodiac. If you really want to understand the topics of the houses – and how they express in your personal birth chart – working with Saturn’s transits through the 12 houses is a must. Yes, a transit from Saturn can be heavy or highlight a necessary challenge. Moving through experiences that arise during Saturn’s transit through one of your 12 houses can be formative and potent and can help you uncover strength and resilience. The lasting gift of a Saturn transit is that you can use experiences and events during these transits to strengthen the important pillars in your life and create ongoing protection. You’ll learn what’s worth preserving and who is most deserving of your attention and care.

In this webinar you’ll discover how Saturn transits through the houses can highlight the quality features of your life, and help you get clear on any symbolic – or actual – dead wood that needs to be cleared out. Saturn’s tour of each house in your birth chart will call you to spend two years updating and revising a priority, plan or commitment regarding important topics like self care, money, family, home life, work, partnerships, life purpose and more. During Saturn’s transit through each of your houses, experiences can inspire you to make a necessary but overdue choice. Aging and the process of updating your habits, attitudes and behaviors will be a practical yet important part of working with Saturn’s transits through the 12 houses too.

In this inspiring and informative webinar, you’ll learn how Saturn transits through your houses can prompt conscious, mature decision making. You’ll gain new understanding about Saturn and discover news ways to work with Saturn’s transits through your chart. This webinar is the first in a two-part series on Saturn transits. Part two, to follow in September, will highlight Saturn transits to the planets. This webinar will focus exclusively on Saturn’s transits through the houses.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

1 hr. 36 min. | includes video, audio and slides (closed-captions video available on request).

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Informative and useful

Kelly is a great teacher. This class really helped me understand how Saturn shows up in various parts of the chart.

Fiona M.
Great class!

Kelly is very thorough and clear in her presentation, as ever. She is always interesting and I learn something new in every one of her webinars. Highly recommended.

A Astrology University Customer
Franklin L.
Certainly Clear and Concise

Kelly's overview is illuminating, penetrating, and full of useful insights that go beyond the mundane and shed light on a variety of astrological principles. This is a wonderful tour of Saturn through the Twelve Houses.

Lisa D.
Saturn Transits Through the 12 Houses

This was a great class! Kelly made the information easily understood.

Lori R.
Develop Clarity and Strength with Saturn Transits through Houses

I loved this class and got so much helpful information from it to pass along to my Astrology clients. As a working astrologer I love to continue learning with many people as everyone has different perspectives and styles. I admire Kelly Surtees and loved her PDF and clear explanations.

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