The Lunar Nodes – A Traditional Approach


The north and south node of the Moon in your chart make important statements about increase and decrease, about where and how you’re likely to overdo things, and where and how it might be hard to hold onto what you’ve created. A planet conjunct a node is intensified and will play a large role in your life.

Join Kelly Surtees to discover practical ways to work with the lunar nodes from a traditional astrology point of view. Learn how the nodes represent a symbolic dragon, and how a planet conjunct a node might be affected, both symbolically and in practical terms. We explore how the nodes represent specific experiences that bring you towards or away from success and satisfaction.

The north and south node can provide rich interpretive information. Learn how the nodes influence a planet’s condition and ability to function in your chart and life.

Discover how you can best work with a planet conjunct the north and south node and how working with the nodes can add meaning, depth and nuance to your chart interpretation work.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

1 hr. 48 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate

Watch Kelly introduce this webinar: 

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