Chart Interpretation 1 – The Planets Course


This first course in Kelly’s chart interpretation series teaches the meaning of the planets.

Discover the 10 Planets in Astrology and Explore the Power and Potential in Your Birth Chart

In this four part training you’ll learn the meaning of the 10 planets: the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn as well as the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

You’ll discover the qualities and characteristics of each planet and explore how they influence your chart and life experiences.

As you practice interpreting the planets in the signs and in the houses, you’ll get to know more about yourself. You’ll learn to use the planets as rulers of the houses, and see how to link different life topics together to see which areas of your life support the others. You’ll also discover how to identify which topics and areas of life are most important for you.

The planets in astrology reveal your passions and motivations, what your priorities are and where some of your blocks or fears might lie. As you discover the placement of each planet in your chart, you’ll gain clarity about areas of tension and topics of ease and satisfaction.

You’ll also learn methods for determining planetary strength and begin to assess the quality and condition of the planets in a birth chart.

This training program includes four video classes, supplementary reading, homework and self reflection exercises to help you integrate the knowledge. You’ll deepen your understanding of the planets and begin to put together some basic birth chart interpretations.

Bonus: You’ll receive access to the previous 2018 course materials in addition to new classes.

Instructor: Kelly Surtees
Level: Beginner

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A Astrology University Customer
Kait L.
Excellent Course!

Kelly makes everything so clear. I love this course! I really feel like I’m growing as an astrology.

Audrey C.
Chart Interpretation

I love the way Kelly teaches and have for a long time. Her method is clear and understandable and her style engaging and enjoyable. I listen to the video lessons several times so that I can get the most out of them, I look forward to taking many more courses in the future.

Monique W.
Kelly is a clear and helpful teacher

Her teaching style is accessible and clear. I really enjoyed her class!

Kirsten I.
Excellent class!

If you are looking to work with astrological charts then this course will give you an in depth understanding and the skills needed for interpreting personal charts. Absolutely love the course!

Chart Intrepretation

The content is more than great and the teacher is especially knowledgeable. So I really love the content, but not loving the interaction class styled teaching environment and the breaks that come with waiting for students to answer and looking at videos of the other students looking dazed or amazed. Would have preferred a more structured online style of teaching like other University courses offer so a class could be one hour of hard hitting content instead of 1.5 hours - without the student interaction.

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