The Predictive Pot of Gold


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Combining Transits and Progressions for Fabulous Forecasts

Learn simple ways to combine transits and progressions to help you create rich, insightful and accurate predictions. We’ll explore the role of the progressed Moon Phase in predictions, and see how transits and progressions work together. Learn how to identify your most important planets (which are different for each chart!) and see why following their predictive events highlights some of life’s most important experiences.

Discover how blending timing tools can improve your predictive process, and help you provide nuanced and personal forecasts for clients, friends and family. Client and well known charts will be used to show these techniques in action.

1 hr. 38 min. This is a pre-recorded webinar available for instant download. mp4 video format will play on all devices. Includes pdf slideshow.

About Kelly

Kelly Surtees
Kelly Surtees is a writer and counseling astrologer who splits her time between Australia and Toronto, Canada. Her writing has appeared in many astrology and lifestyle magazines including The Mountain Astrologer, WellBeing, and Marie Claire. She is a regular featured guest of Chris Brennan’s Astrology Podcast and teaches and lectures at conferences around the world.

Kelly’s insight and knowledge is matched by her skill as a clear, accessible teacher. Her teaching style is equally infused with practicality, levity and inspiration. Learn more at

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