Astrological Keys to Health and Wellbeing Course Part 1


Part one – elements, signs and houses

Medical astrologer and naturopath Kira Sutherland will take you on a journey through the world of modern medical astrology. Discover the philosophies, principle and applications to one’s health via the natal chart and much more.

This course is the first of two 4-module sessions.

In this first four modules Kira introduces the basics of medical astrology. You’ll learn the major building blocks including how to incorporate the elements, modes, houses and basic rulership of planets and signs into your understanding of the health dynamics at play in the birth chart.

You’ll discover the foods, herbal medicines, lifestyle and flower essences that are most optimal for each sign.

Learn a practical, hands-on use for astrology that you’ll be able to start applying right away. This positive affirming approach to medical astrology will leave you feeling empowered to make supportive choices and proactively seek opportunities that improve the health of those you might be working with.

PLUS THIS BONUS: Includes Kira’s webinar Houses of Health.

Includes 4 video modules plus handouts. 6 hrs. 40 min. | Recorded in 2018

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