Family Dynamics Workshop


Family Dynamics workshop originally titled “Family Patterns of Light and Shadow” with Lynn Bell based on material from her book Planetary Threads: The Living History of Family Dynamics.

We come into this world through a tribe, and the light is often divided unevenly between family members. Some of us carry the dreams of our families, while others hold the unconscious or rejected values of the tribe, and may be treated as if they are “good for nothing”. Even when far away, there is an underlying connection to the tribe, one that reveals itself in the shape of events, in mysterious blockages and breaks. Each of us responds to the family patterning in a unique way.

In this workshop we examine these complex dynamics that are present in all of our families, and therefore one of the most important defining factors in our lives.

Note: This pre-recorded live workshop includes chart presenation as well as informal moments that include questions from the audience, which are recorded at a much lower volume than the speaker.

5 hours. mp3 format. Recorded live in Portland, OR March 2013.

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Lynn's book is better

This workshop is 5 hours long but it's more like an extended, free-ranging talk than a workshop per se. Someone new to the topic will pick up several useful tidbits, but there's no real structure and very little 'how to'. To be honest, the information Lynn gives could've been done in a 2 hour powerpoint presentation. The participants mostly seem to be astrologers themselves which is fair enough but they sometimes take the lead away from Lynn when Lynn is trying to put across some of her deep learning, which is frustrating because I bought it to listen to Lynn's wisdom, which she has so much of, but in this talk she doesn't always get chance to properly share. Mostly there is no data given for the example charts used, so you can't look at the charts that the workshop participants are looking at, although there is one example where you can, and it's really useful. The information Lynn gives is different from what's in her book, 'Planetary Threads' so there's no overlapping, however the book is deeper, more practical and, I have to say, ultimately more worthwhile.

I will definitely download more

I will definitely download more of Lynn’s classes -she has a masterful knowledge of the subject. This course was too advanced for me but I look forward to revisiting it in future and being able to take away more from it.

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