Oppositions – Does the Full Moon Keep You Awake at Night?


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Lynn Bell explores the opposition aspect through the lens of the full moon metaphor. Inspired by Dane Rudhyar’s teachings. With the opposition aspect we might ask questions like: What is the conflict? What is being acted out? What keeps you awake at night?

Includes discussion of Moon opposite Venus, Mars opposite Jupiter, Moon opposite Uranus and more.

Audio lecture recorded at the NORWAC Conference.

1 hr. 18 min. | includes audio only

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It was really helpful in

It was really helpful in order to tap into the actual experience of oppositions. It brought an opening, a new awareness. With many real examples and also fun. I truly love Lynn Bell's astrological prism or so, her voice, the organic way it all unravels. It does "imprint" inside. I recommend it.

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