Turning Lead Into Gold – Working with Planets in Detriment and Fall


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Planets in detriment and fall take us on a journey which is often in direct contradiction to their nature. In Cancer, Mars learns to be soft, while in Capricorn, the Moon becomes hard while Saturn in Leo must bring lead to gold, while Jupiter is humbled in Virgo. They lead us onto paths that are often out of the ordinary, and if we can handle them, give unusual rewards once we have dealt with their initial discomfort.

In this recorded lecture, Lynn Bell explores the concept of detriment and fall with the 7 traditional planets, giving useful tools and insights for deeper understanding along the way.

Audio lecture for instant download. 

1 hr. 17 min. 2012. | includes audio only (no slides)
Bonus: Includes two versions of the same lecture.

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Grasping astrological dialectics, one piece at a time

I enjoyed this Lynn Bell's talk, as much as I had some of the other lectures she gave, for she deeply understands the archetypes, and their inherent polarities which are expressed in the quality of experience they expose us to. For anyone interested in psychological astrology, in the ways our planetary positions play out psychologically in our lives, none of her lectures could be a waste of time or money. Her lively and sometimes humorous manner allows us certain playful distance while remaining thoroughly learned and deeply engaged in a chart reading. It's true that in this talk she touched some planets disproportionally more than the others, and I felt at the end that I could listen to her for hours on longer on the topic, so hopefully she will find a chance to touch this subject again, with some new examples and new inspiration. I found the content she delivered has added to my understanding of the timeless dimension of astrology, and reminded me of the many unsuspected ways in which planetary archetypes can express themselves in personal storytellings.

Feilan C.

Good Choice of Topic

This webinar focus on planet energy in the sign of their detriment or fall positions. This is very subtle and complicate situation when planets have to make adjustment to their behavior, action in an environment that is not supportive of their own nature. True to the notion that any planets in any sign will always have a higher side of more evolved manifestation as well as a blind spot, negative side of tendency, we are required to do even more conscious work to bring out the positive manifestation, when planets are in their detriment or fall sign. So the topic of this webinar is a very applicable one. However, it seems that to much emphasis is on the Venus at the expenses of other planets. And if there were more charts/examples provided to support each of the claim/ideas, it would be much more convincing and rich of illustration to the points.

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