Saturn Conjunct Pluto – Birthing the Shadow


As Saturn and Pluto come together in aspect, what has been suppressed, reviled or undervalued begins to rise up. Something unknown and perhaps unwanted is being birthed. It is a necessary birth – one that reveals aspects of the self that we may not wish to see, as well as sometimes overwhelming aspects of the collective.

Saturn–Pluto comes with dread, paroxysm and a deep creative impulse – a call to inner light. What will blaze up in response to this conjunction? The first part of this lecture will look at the footprint of the cycle – its 36-year rhythm and unfolding – and in the second part we will explore questions arising from our own charts.

Pre-recorded audio lecture for instant download. 

2 hrs. 37 min. | recorded 2019 | audio download plus slides

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Colette R.
aturn conjunct pluto - birthing the shadow

i always like how lynn bell is explaining her subject. i have a little suggestion concerning the record : when participants talk, i do not understand much of what they say because the sound is too weak. if they have had a microphone, it would have been better. and when they speak for too long i just want to shut down the course... sorry because when lynn is speaking it is really interesting ! all the best colette

Carolyn M.
saturnpluto lecture from lynn bell

very worthwhile. really enjoy lynn's point of view and her delivery. not always easy to hear clearly the comments from the floor, or the questions, but i guess it's the problem all such recordings face and it's a heap better than it used to be. irrespective, i was very pleased with the purchase and found much to ponder on.

saturn pluto ~birthing the shadow

giving a larger picture always puts things in better perspective. a link from the wars of the 40 s to the 60 s mass protests to the 80 s where the east comes over and balance takes center stage to power s under capricorn. to me its my parents war times, to my early stirrings with war protests and womens rights to running into my war vet female yoga guru from denmark to 2002 where saturn pluto opposed and i began to find previously unsuspected heights of awareness and peace and along the way the demon of a powerful father surfaced so that i may be freer in my own exploration of powers. it carries through. it was pretty good but could stand improvement in hearing all the conversations without being stressed. many people had similiar situations of structures giving way. the charts like spielberg show a successful use of the pairing. covered possible future directions good and worrisome. lots of food for thought.

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