Articulating Your True Values – Venus in aspect to the Nodes of the Moon


with Mark Jones

In this webinar, Mark will continue his exploration of planets in aspect to the nodes of the Moon by exploring Venus in depth. In addition to the usual aspects, conjunct, square, trine and inconjunct the nodes, we will explore the dual rulership that Venus has of Taurus and Libra: the internal (Taurus) and externalized (Libra) values and how they might manifest in our lives.

Using examples as diverse as Salman Rushdie, Queen Victoria and Friedrich Nietzsche, we will get to the core of what made these people tick, what was their raison d’etre, and relate these findings to the lives of real clients from Mark’s extensive client base.

Pre-recorded for instant access.

Level: Intermediate

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Mary L.
United States United States
Don't miss this webinar if you have venus in aspect to the nodes of the moon

I have been a practicing astrologer since 2011. This webinar hugely impacted my understanding and living of my own chart and others I know who have venus in aspect to the nodes of the moon. Without knowing it, I've been waiting for this specific info for many, many years. If venus is in aspect to the nodes of the moon in your chart, or if you serve astrological clients and work with the nodes of the moon, TAKE THIS WEBINAR.

Catriona M.
Venus and the Nodes

I thoroughly recommend Mark Jones as a teacher - for his clarity, wisdom and not least for the comprehensive data he shares, examples of whatever point he is making. I recommend his teaching both for beginners and experienced astrologers

Michaela D.
Mark Jones is a gifted speaker.

Very articulate explanation of Venus and Values.

Jayne L.

Well presented, interesting perspective and quite enlightening. Some new ideas to consider. Really enjoyed the teaching.

Venus and the Nodes

Squares to the nodes from Venus will explain some relationship and business lessons and challenges one might meet in the life.

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