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October 26-30, 2020
in Newport, Wales

***Only 10 spots left – register early!***

This master class retreat with Mark Jones will provide a supportive environment to explore one’s own leading edge of evolution – as both an astrologer and individual – through work with one of today’s leading astrological practitioners. Mark’s considerable experience as workshop leader, psychotherapist, and astrologer will be drawn upon throughout the week via extensive Q & A and individual consultation.

Join Mark in his beautiful home environs in South Wales for a transformative experience!

Day 1: The Essence of the Archetypes
The 12 notes of the musical scale of Astrology will be explored for the nature of the psychological and spiritual essence within them. This essential approach will surprise many with its re-visioning of the foundations of astrological understanding.

Day 2: The Core of Astrological Method
From the essential distillation of the archetypes arises a series of entry points into the natal chart. We will explore how to choose at what level with which to engage the chart and, with application, discover the capacity to examine multiple levels of chart interpretation simultaneously. This facilitates a flexible astrological skill-set that, when applied in readings, allows an astrologer to address the multiple questions that individuals entertain about their lives.

Day 3: A day in the sacred landscapes of Wales and the South-West of England
Accompany Mark and colleagues for a day of exploration in some of the most ancient and revered sacred landscapes in the world.

Day 4: The Life of the Individual
The natal chart may be interpreted as symbolic of the manner in which an individual’s psychological and/or spiritual development has manifested and may manifest in the future. Within this context, the concept of ‘soul memory’ will be explored as an aid in both chart interpretation and client consultation. The tools of solar arc directions, transits, progressions, cycles of Saturn and Uranus , and squares of Pluto and Neptune , interpreted within context of the client’s lived experience, will also be explored as means to illuminate that experience and provide effective, transformative guidance.

Day 5: The Life of the Individual
The ability to be of tangible assistance to another will be explored further in this final day of work together. The role of astrologer as explored in this workshop requires skills to both discern and support the leading edge, or area of immediate potential, within the client’s psyche and life circumstance. To aid in development of these skills, we will explore the primary themes with which the astrologer is presented, namely: the individual quest for true purpose; co-dependency; loyalty of the child/corruption of innocence and its return; questions such as can I become an astrologer or counsellor; should I remain with my partner or retain this job, etc. Through melding of an effective astrological perspective with mature therapeutic understanding, we will embrace an empowered approach to guide and support clients at the leading edge of their evolution.

BONUSES: Registered attendees will get free access to the webinar series The Lightbringers: Rulers of the Lunar Nodes, Planets Square the Nodes, and Planets Conjunct the Nodes. For best results, view these webinars and read Healing the Soul before attending.

Cost for all 5 days: $1250 (if registered by May 30, 2020; $1450 thereafter)
Due to limited spaces available there will be a non-refundable deposit of $400 to confirm booking.
Final payment is due August 31.

Lunch is included 4 days (not included for day trip but we will eat lunch together during our outing). Does not include lodging or transportation. We will connect you with other participants to arrange room and ride sharing.

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