Planets Conjunct the Lunar Nodes Webinar Set


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Mark presents a two-part webinar series exploring the meaning of the Nodes of the Moon in the natal chart as revealing the personal destiny line of the individual. Planets conjunct the lunar nodes are explored as fundamental factors in shaping the expression of that destiny.

These workshops explore planets conjunct both the south and north Nodes. The teaching is illustrated by multiple examples from Mark’s client work to reveal how the theory works in practice.

In part 2 Mark explains certain special factors that occur, for example, when planets conjunct both Nodes, or when the rulers of the Nodes conjunct the Nodes. These and other conditions that shape the expression of the Nodes of the Moon in fundamental ways will be explained with example charts.

4 hrs. | mp4 video plus pdf slideshows

Special package price – includes two full webinars – parts one and two.

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Mark Jones is my favorite teacher/astrologer

Any webinar he does is excellent. I've taken many and have had a reading with him many years ago. He conveys information using a language I speak.

Rebecca N.
Just can’t get enough of the Nodes!

Mark Jones is fascinating to listen to and provides great chart examples to illustrate. This is worth watching/listening to multiple times. It contains a wealth of information on this subject. I could have watch another 2 hours of it! Thank you!

Planets conjunct the lunar nodes

I loved the presentation. I have planets both conjunct and square the nodes . I found the information very helpful. Thank you

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