Planets Square the Moon’s Nodes – Part 1

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Join Mark Jones for a webinar on a key technique used in his astrological practice: interpreting planets that are square to the nodal axis.

A fundamental issue arises when planets square the moon’s nodes. This placement represents a core issue that is unresolved at birth, a so-called “skipped step” in the process of moving from the patterns described by the South Node of the Moon towards the evolutionary intentions symbolized by the North Node of the Moon.

The squaring planet represents issues that have interrupted the progression of development. Many patterns can emerge with such a configuration – one is that the person moves towards the North Node intention but easily falls back into well-trodden negative South Node patterns.

In this webinar Mark will establish the main concepts of this technique, and follow with suggested starting point descriptions for each planet in this placement.

Pre-recorded webinar in video mp4 format. 1 hr. 59 min. Includes video and slides plus audio download.

Download Part 2 or Get the package set of both

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Vicki F.
United States
Planets Square the Moon's Nodes - Part 1

A good solid foundation to get you started on the square aspect to the nodes. Mark's explanations and examples are clear and easily understandable. His extensive study of all aspects to the Moon's nodes is knowledge he is more than willing to share with the love of a true scholar. I highly recommend this and any other class Mark teaches. I am a devoted fan :-)

United States
Very Interesting

Learned a lot, although a little hard to follow, video is a bit dated but still good. Will buy part 2

About: Live Webinar: Planets Square the Moon's Nodes - Part 1

It was helpful for a basic understanding of the underlying principles and how they may play out in a chart.

United States
Mark is brilliant at this.

Mark is brilliant at this.

United States
Excellent class

Difficult - because I have slow internet. Having access to the file online (or a choice between the two) would have been helpful

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