The Planetary Nodes


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Just as the Moon has a south and a north node, so does every Planet. This little-understood aspect of Astrology adds tremendous insight to the birth chart. With the south node as the past, the Planet as the present and the north node as the evolutionary intention or ‘future’, Mark Jones explains a simple and powerful method for studying the evolution of every planet in the chart, not just the Moon.

With the south node of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn we see that fundamental issues with the nature of our civilization stem from the transition from a prior matriarchal society to a patriarchal form which, as Pluto transits Capricorn and eventually its own south node, sees us face a confrontation with our past and the direction we have taken as a civilization. The nodes of Uranus and Neptune add considerable insight to the collective situation, just as the nodes of the personal planets can show us hidden layers of meaning within the birth chart.

BONUS: Includes 2 recordings of this lecture. The first from the ISAR Conference in 2014, and the second from the AA conference in 2015. The 2015 lecture description for The Planetary Nodes – The Arc of the Infinite: The Moon’s Nodes are well known, not so the Planetary Nodes. This talk revisits Dane Rudhyar’s nodal research, expanding upon his insights, and explores the significance of the Planetary Nodes individually and collectively as a way to understand the past and shape the future.

2 hrs. 20 min. | audio files for instant download

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This teacher is amazing

Can't wait for the book

The planetary nodes are such a fascinating subject. I really want to read the book if Mark ever writes it :)

Carole V.
A new perspective....

I am relatively new to this approach.... but it fills in a gap that I have felt for a long time , provides a sense of continuity... of having a background to the underlying purpose of our life... Mark gets the historical background in place in a way that helps to connect this life with past history and thru the birth chart , the way each person has a part in helping both their soul and the environment to evolve... it takes some mental gymnastics to wrap your head around the concept , but certainly does provide a framework within which we can grow... certainly better than coming from Mars in a perfume bottle..... :)

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