The Pluto School Course Lesson 1


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The Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology complete introductory course. Lesson 1. The Nature of Pluto (Pluto Complex) Pluto in the archetypes Aries to Virgo.


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Ed C.
United States
Journey through the first 6 Archetyypes - Lesson 1 Aries-Virgo

If you're the kind of person who needs to go a bit deep, Mark's expositions will surely satisfy a large part of your need. You might find you relate to all the archetypes...which finally build up to your own the final "soul" dilemma according to your Pluto placement....he doesn't solve it for you, but he does well at suggesting possible directions. Start from the beginning, as you'll find the previous signs are important in consideration of you own placement, imho. In any case, when considering any of the planetary archetypes of your chart, you will find this invaluable in helping you develop a holistic viewpoint of psychological Astrology from a universal or "soul" view, even if you strive to understand the Buddhist path of "no-self - no soul", as I do. Personally, I have found this course and this lesson (1&2) extremely enlightening.

A deep insight into why we're here.

This course explains everything I've been looking for - Why were here! Mark is an excellent teacher : )

Danielle S.
United States
Presents deeply considered material

This course starts right away with a thorough coverage of the EA foundation based on Pluto in houses (the first six in this section), which is further expanded with readings from his book (which I would recommend). In this first recording (and his book) one can see that he has himself deeply considered this material from a place of psychological understanding. He seems to be using a nondual (nonsectarian) spiritual perspective, which is one of the big draws to me personally, as well. I really like his book, his references, and his extra source material. I have now purchased Lesson 2.

United States
Lesson 1

This course I found quite profound and meaningful. It's an introduction to Pluto signature of trauma and its meaning through houses 1-6.

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