The Pluto School Course Lesson 2


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The Pluto School of Evolutionary Astrology complete introductory course. Lesson 2. mp3 download, pdf study guide. Pluto in the archetypes Libra to Pisces. The nature of combining archetypes.

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Excellent Course!

I started wth Astrology years ago (I am not from a english speaking country.) Although the subject of astrology always took my interest, I watched the stars daily since I was very young, But I never could take it seriously, also because of my upbringing. So I've never found Astrology making any sense, until I found the teaching of Jeffrey Wolff Green and some lectures by Mark Jones on the internet. Then the whole subject struck me like a bolt of lightning. His way of explaining just touched me. This is the way I can understand it ... This is the way it all makes sense to me... In his first two courses, Mark Jones explains Pluto in the 12 houses/signs very well, and is really an addition to the information in his book, It also includes basic questions you should be able to answer afterwards .It should be noted that this is not a course for someone who is not familiar with the basics of astrology (planets/houses/rulers etc. ). How would I describe his approach: psychological, intense but with a smile, thorough (well, ..a Pluto in Virgo ...). I love it and I will continue until the end ....

debra a.
United States

The class was thorough and thought provoking.

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