The Price of Healing


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The Price of Healing. A conference keynote address with Mark Jones.

45 min. | audio for instant download


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Pluses & Minuses for Me

I'm very, very new to the field of astrology (outside the usual Sun Sign version of it), so I'm speaking in that manner - that of a "Newbie". In any case, in my personal opinion, Mark Jones appears to be a very engaging speaker. He appears to be very intelligent and well read. Before listening to his talk, "The Price of Healing", I was really enjoying his talks with Adam Sommer on Adam's podcast, "Holes to Heaven." The discussions between the two men were awesome and I came away with so much that inspired me. In fact, I was even considering short-term counseling with Mark Jones after listening to these discussions. Now, there were a few areas of conversation that didn't resonate with me, but, "Hey", I thought, "We're all different with different points of view.". When I listened to this talk from Astrology University, I had quite a different inner reaction. In then end, I couldn't help but wonder why Mr. Jones brings astrology into his therapy practice. I just got this inner sense that he has some sort of disdain for astrology readings and prefers the psychology aspect way over the astrology aspect. I could be COMPLETELY incorrect, but I have to be honest with what I sensed within ME. Someone else might, and will, have a different experience with this talk. I'm also very aware of my own bias, etc. I think the part of the talk that really turned me off to considering counseling with Mr. Jones was when he spoke of a client who came a day earlier than expected. Now, the example Mr. Jones presents was very good in and of itself in that the client came to his home (where he works from) a day earlier than scheduled for due to a misinterpretation of something Mr. Jones said to the client: Mr. Jones said two days before their scheduled meeting, "I'll see you tomorrow.", when in fact their meeting was scheduled the day after "tomorrow.". The client showed up the next day due to that and not at the scheduled time. Mr. Jones goes into a really good analysis of this which I found helpful... However, what followed seemed to me insensitive - joking at the client's expense. I plan on listening to the talk again because there are some really great parts to it and Mr. Jones is a really good speaker, so I hope I got that last part correct. In any case, I came away feeling, "Wow! I hope my past therapist(s) didn't talk about me like that at seminars.". We're all wounded in my estimation and we really need to respect our client's privacy, as well as what we may consider "inappropriate, strange, etc.". I also believe that "there but for the grace of the Divine (or whatever you want to call It), go I.". All in all, I do recommend this talk as I learned a lot from it.

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