Soul Memory – Uranus in Aspect to the Nodes


Continuing his powerful series of webinars on the nodal axis of the moon, Mark expands his work on planets squaring the nodes to include a more detailed exploration of Uranus square the nodes.

In this webinar, Mark will present the idea of Uranus as a symbol of soul memory and explore the expression of this through analysis of Uranus conjunct, square, inconjunct and trine the nodes. Using detailed historical examples such as Mozart and Marie Curie alongside an extended client example, Mark will illustrate how Uranus can hold a blueprint for evolution and transformation. As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus symbolizes the memory of the greater energy field of the individual, and as such can carry both profound creative vision as well as potentially challenging or traumatic memories. Join us as we examine multiple example charts to illustrate these varied expressions.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 50 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate to Advanced (familiarity with the evolutionary approach to working with the nodes encouraged)

Prerequisites (watch these beforehand to get the best experience):

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I mostly enjoyed this online class. Jones is an extraordinary teacher. Why was I a little disappointed. Because my NN at 12Gem56 (True) is widely conjunct natal Uranus at 21Gem35. I even managed to get something from the presentation on NN conjunct uranus, but the focus was on squares to the Nodes and I wanted more on my aspect. Like examples of famous people because one has an idea of what the arc of their life was.

Great, understandable. Extensive analysis. Very thorough and gentle way of communicating - must be from years of being a therapist.

Uranus square the nodes

Excellent material, love Mark Jones approach. I truly resonate with his method!

Excellent webinar

It was filled with great information and lots of example charts, really wonderfully rich material, thanks!

Highly recommended Mark Jones seminar

This is great. Mark Jones gets to the heart of these aspects, gives insights that probe into the topic far deeper than "cookbook" style astrology, and delivers it understandably. Thanks to Mark and Astrology U for this presentation!

Soul Memory - Uranus in Aspect to the Nodes

This class was wonderfully informative and presented in a manner that was easy to follow the concept, and the chart examples were excellent! than you, Barb McNemar

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