The Rhythm of Venus – Ancient Knowledge and Modern History


The synodic cycle of Venus is a natural work of near-perfect symmetry. It plays a rhythm traced in the sky like a metronome keeping a beat through the course of human history.

The rhythm of Venus is composed of regular shifts in speed, direction, and visibility. This perpetual pattern designs the very model for humanity’s most universal symbol, the five-pointed star.

The observation and study of this cycle predates the introduction of horoscopic astrology, knowledge that likely contributed to its creation.

Join Nick Dagan Best for this introduction to Neo-Babylonian astrology, in which he uses the synodic cycle of Venus to examine human life and events in modern global history.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 27 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Bonus: Includes bonus video – Nick’s summit presentation “Venus and Mars: 2020 Retrogrades in Gemini and Aries”

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Fascinating system

This is an introduction into a system of interpretation based on the Venus cycle. I thought it might be most useful looking at families, historical events, life cycles.

Russia Russia

A must have webinar...!!!

A couple of hours after listening to this webinar I found myself in front of excel making the timeline of my life from birth up to +10 years forward from now. It really is great material and it gives such a powerful insight to the timeline of a person's key events in life. You see all the common themes with changing actors and names in your life as per the periods such as Red-4, Black-1, Blue-3 etc., combine this with some other timing techniques it's such a powerful material. For NDB, it must be so exciting to see the connections going through all the historical personalities and the countries they ruled or impacted somehow but I'm sure similar excitement can also be achieved once a person gets to extend this material to family and close ones once he/she completes the work around the flow and the rythm of his/her own life. Thanks very much for your work Nick, it contributes so much to the astrological world. I personally appreciate it so much. For all of you out there, if you're a bit interested in Venus cycles and do know a bit of Ariel Guttman's work as well, this is a must have webinar.


Nick Dagan Best The Rhythm of Venus and Ancient Knowledge...

Fascinating area of astrology. I am glad I purchased both webinars. Together they give a clearer understanding of his research and practical applications.


I wish there had been more time

I was interested in the class because I wanted to learn how to apply and understand the technique to my work. What I didn’t like so much was how much of the class was given to working with historical examples. While I like historical examples, I feel that could have been less, so that more time would been given to the technique and its applications. Especially because a lot of the examples given were not of people I knew their lives so well, this making the class hard to follow. This was not my favorite class, although he’s very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. If anything it should have been a two-parter class, part 1 technique and part 2 historical examples.


Venus’ Other Story

Through deep historical review, Nick Dagan Best shows how the Venus synodic cycle works as a calendar in which themes tend to repeat. Classification of Venus retrograde is particularly noteworthy given its relative rarity. There’s always more to learn and this one of the ways.

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