Time Twins


What better way to refine the techniques and interpretive skills of personal development than to contrast two or more nativities that are very similar? This informative lecture with Nick Dagan Best is an investigation of birth charts of famous people born within a week of each other, using transits and secondary progressions to determine distinctions between their relatively similar charts.

You’ll hear about the fascinating time twin paird Miles Davis/Marilyn Monroe/Allen Ginsberg (Gemini 1926), Oscar Wilde/Arthur Rimbaud (Libra 1854), William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy (Aries 1931), Lenny Bruce/Margaret Thatcher (Libra 1925), Elizabeth Taylor/Johnny Cash (Pisces 1931) and others.

1 hr. 14 min. | mp3 audio for instant download | includes handout

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