The Sabian Symbols


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In this workshop with the late Robert Blaschke, you’ll learn how to use the Sabian symbols. You’ll get to know their origin and history; significant natal degrees; and meaningful current progressed degrees.

4 hrs. 4 min. | mp3 audio files | includes handout

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Deeply considered and thorough

Robert takes his small group of students on a real journey which includes lots of background context of where the symbols come from, a walk through Dane Rudhyar's cycle of transformation from "An Astrological Mandala", and then some really good interpretation of his students' key degrees. This is probably the best teacher-student dialogue I have ever heard. He is a master at drawing out the students to think and synthesize at their comfort level in the moment, yet is also very prepared to fill in the gaps and keep the flow going at a good pace. So much ground is thoroughly covered. I have never been able to handle much of Rudhyar's writing at one time, so this was helpful in that regard as well. I am sure I will be listening to this recording multiple times. I appreciate the Sabian Symbols much more now, and can see why they might be a good way to trigger a client's own intuition to arise.

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