Stellar Elixirs – An Astrological Approach to Flower Essences


Flower essences are natural remedies that work energetically to restore mental and emotional balance. Since various flower essences accord with different psycho-emotional constitutions, they can be powerful healing agents to use in conjunction with astrology.

In this lecture, wellness astrologer Stephanie Gailing will teach you an astrological approach to using flower essences. After an overview explaining what flower essences are, how they are made, and their history of use, Stephanie will share with you remedies that can be used in accordance with:

* The twelve zodiac signs
* Numerous outer planet transits
* Events in the kairos, such as the retrograde cycles of Mercury, Venus, and Mars

You will also learn the various ways you can use flower essences, including making custom formulas.

Both inspiring and practical, this lecture will give you access to a cornucopia of insights that will help your well-being, as well as that of your clients, to blossom.

You do not need to be present for the live event. You will get a copy of the complete webinar recordings.

Prerecorded and available for instant download

1hr 46min | includes video, audio, and slides

Level: Intermediate



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Angelica W.
No comment

I would prefer to restrain from commenting at this point. Still percolating the information

Stellar Webinar!

I've watched this webinar twice now. There's so much to take in and it opens up so many avenues of discovery. Stephanie lays out the material in an easy to follow, methodical way. She obviously knows this material well; it's a gift to have her share her years of experience. It covers each sign of the zodiac, major life transits and retrograde planets - so there's literally something for everyone in it. I look forward to her new book coming out in 2021!

Mary B.
Great class on flower essences

It was such a great class. I’ve been using flower essences in both my personal & astrological practice for several years. I got a lot of good information from this webinar. Stephanie’s a great teacher and she presented it very well. I’m grateful. Thank you.

Heloisa a.

interesting way to pair floral essences with astrology

Julie H.
default default
Stellar Class for Stellar Essences

Detailed, Comprehensive, Great Intro into topic, Great Pacing, Lots of Info for additional research. Value exceeds investment!

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