The Air Symbols – Dazzlers


In this audio workshop, Steven Forrest presents an in-depth tour of the astrological air element symbolism in the chart. We begin our exploration with Gemini, Mercury, and the third house, proceed through Libra, Venus, and the seventh, and culminate with Aquarius, its joint rulers Uranus and Saturn, and the eleventh house.

To say that air represents intellect is accurate in so far as it goes. Air, above all, thinks. That is to say, air forms an image of reality in our mental body. From where does this image arise? Is it sane or mad? To the extent that the image is not pure fantasy, it arises from our sensory perceptions and our attempts to understand them. How can we clarify our sense of this ground upon which we believe we stand?

Language, with all its virtues and pitfalls, will be one of our subjects, along with the corrective lenses our trusted co-explorers might share with us. What is the role of aesthetics in all this? Can beauty actually be truth? How would we know?

Insight—and even true magick—can arise as we reach the highest frontiers of the air Element. There we leave the stultifying world of each generation’s version of common sense and enter a realm of genuine mind-training . . . which, as we will see, is not to be confused with mere education.

Pre-recorded audio workshop available for instant download.

7 hrs. 58 min. | audio download | includes handout

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