An Evolutionary Approach to Planetary Rulership audio class


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Learn the evolutionary approach to planetary rulership as taught by Steven Forrest.

You’ll learn Steven’s approach to a topic that can lead to heated disagreements among astrologers. You’ll learn his take on modern versus traditional rulers like Neptune and Jupiter as rulers of Pisces. In Steven’s opinion, the argument breaks down when you redefine how you understand rulership. He teaches that “the real key is not about control or authority; rather, it is simply about affinity or resonance between certain planets and certain signs.”

What does it mean if Aquarius is on your 3rd House cusp, with a conjunction of Uranus and Saturn in Gemini in your 6th House? Why is that so different than having the same conjunction in the 7th House? Steven addresses these questions and more in this bedrock webinar.

This is the audio-only version of the pre-recorded webinar.

mp3 audio file | 2 hrs. 7 min. | includes pdf slideshow

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Sarrah C.
Excellent overview on planetary rulerships by Steven Forrest

Excellent overview on planetary rulerships and updated ideas from an evolutionary astrology point of view. I appreciated the language nuances that Steven provides for considering the rulerships in a modern context, but he still appreciates the traditional and uses co-rulership where necessary. His thinking really resonates with me on this topic, as I'm both an evolutionary astrologer and study traditional to continue developing my own studies and new techniques that are beneficial to use with clients. Always excellent insights from Steven and his outline in this webinar helps me in how I can share the perspective in my astrology practice with new students.

Very good broad webinar

Very interesting but I was hoping for a bit more details about the different planets placement beyond exile and domicile. Always very instructive to hear S.Forrest though !

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