Working with Chiron – Transcript


with Steven Forrest

Chiron is the wounded healer – and there is no healer so effective as the one who has been grievously wounded and still managed to find their way back from the edge of darkness. Where Chiron lies, wounds are guaranteed. The healing, meanwhile, is optional. Those who succeed benefit not only themselves, but also their communities. They become healers, guides, and soul-mentors. How can we achieve that goal? How can we make our Chironic passage from woundedness to empowerment? Chiron’s elongated orbit offers us clues. It touches the paths of both Saturn and Uranus. It thus weaves together Saturn’s hard, physical logic and the electrical magic of Uranus. Where Chiron lies you must soberly face the reality of your own wounds – and you can expect lightning-fast miracles too. In fact, learning to expect them is half the work.

Does not contain descriptions of Chiron in the houses or signs.

This written transcript is available as a pdf document for instant download. 

17 pages

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