Fine-Tuning Your Timing Analysis Strategy


Steven Forrest presents a set of practical guidelines for analyzing transits and progressions in an astrological timing reading. Even after studying astrology for years, it can be daunting when we first pull up a client’s transits in preparation for a reading. Where do we start? What planets or transits do we give the strongest emphasis to in the reading? How do we combine the archetypes? What are our first steps towards synthesis?

Students often get confused when they start trying to do synthesis – combining the intentions, goals and needs of two planets, often in signs and houses that seem at cross purposes.

This class offers tools to help you address these questions as Steven presents a step-by-step method in the style he’s used for years in his own readings.

You’ll learn:

  • How to analyze the part of the chart being impacted
  • How to understand the planet making the impact
  • The importance of thinking of ways the planetary energies can integrate positively
  • Why all aspects are about integration
  • How – and when – to bring in the type of aspect

This lecture focuses on the technical details, but also includes practical interpretive examples including natal Venus-Saturn with transiting Neptune and a natal Neptune-Venus square with transiting Neptune opposing.

1 hr. 16 min. | mp3 audio | includes handout

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