The Ancient Dance of Jupiter and Saturn


Join Steven Forrest for an intensive workshop on Jupiter and Saturn that includes a look at the core meanings of these two planets and puts them in the context of the transits of 2019-2020.

“Lucky” Jupiter and “unlucky” Saturn – that attitude toward these two massive planets, while extremely common among conventional astrologers, has created an enormous amount of confusion. Glowing promises about Jupiter have often led only to disappointment, while baleful predictions about Saturn have often actually manifested as “Great Works” reflecting enormous productivity, inspiration and achievement.

Like everything else in astrology, each of these planets can be used for positive evolutionary purposes – and, when aligned with human folly, each one can lead to catastrophe.

In this audio workshop, Steven explores this dyadic pair of planets, describing their higher meanings, their potential pitfalls, and above all, their archetypal interdependency.

You’ll hear Jupiter and Saturn understood through the context of the natal chart as well as in terms of transits and solar arcs, along with what to expect when they are triggered by progressions.

Steven also spends time looking at their impending alignment in the year 2020 – a subject that will play a major role in all of our lives.

Audio workshop available for instant download. 

14 hrs. 38 min. | includes audio plus charts and handouts

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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