Transcript – The Nodes of the Moon in Relationships


This is a written transcript of a webinar.

I Feel Like I’ve Known You Before: The Moon’s Nodes in Synastry
with Steven Forrest

Five minutes after we meet a total stranger, we feel as if we have known each other for a thousand years. Perhaps we actually have. There is undeniable magic in such a moment, and it is about as convincing a “proof” of reincarnation as we are ever likely to experience – but then the evolutionary work begins. We have met again for a reason. What is it? Are we ancient soul-friends, here to lend each other support and comfort once more? Or is this someone who once broke your heart – or stuck a spear through it?

A comparison of your chart to my lunar nodes – and vice versa – casts a bright light on these questions. Join Steven Forrest for a deep look at how the nodes of the Moon work in synastry, the astrology of relationship.

25 pages | pdf for instant download

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