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In this timely discussion, Steven Forrest shares some introductory thoughts about the USA birth chart publicly for the first time, as well as the current Plutonian transits confronting the country.

Just like an individual human being, a nation has a destiny into which it can rise and a shadow into which it can fall. And just like a human being, a nation has karma – antecedent realities which haunt it and present it with soul-cages and, critically, the means with which to resolve them. By transit, the present Plutonian realities facing the USA have brought all those issues to the boiling point. It is time for a breakthrough – or a break down. The ghosts of the past are surfacing.

Astrology, as Steven practices it, is a celebration of human diversity. He teaches that it is just as wrong for an astrologer to pronounce that “Pluto wants you to vote democratic” as it is for a Christian minister to tell you that Jesus is a republican. This talk is as near to neutral, compassionate evolutionary astrology as possible, despite the present tensions that are ripping society to shreds. As with his clients, Steven here says to America, “You have a path. Follow it to joy or ignore to your peril. Now do as you will.”

Steven uses the “Sibley chart” for the United States with Placidus houses. Includes a look at the transit of Pluto opposite the USA Sun, the forthcoming Pluto return, the karma of the USA south node, and the healing potential in the north node.

video for instant download | 1 hr. 55 min. | includes chart

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